What is Strava Leagues?

Strave Leagues is the unofficial league builder for Strava athletes.

If you’re a cyclist, runner or athlete of any variety, chances are you’ve heard of #strava. We love Strava and how it adds a fun, competitive edge to our usual #fitness regime.

However, we want more!

A bit of healthy competition is good and we all love comparing fastest segment times or distance covered over the week. We just decided to make a league out of it.

Create your own winter or summer league. A league for your club or just a group of mates having a laugh. It’s not always the fastest, but sometimes the fastest on the day that counts. Are you willing to go out and do extra miles one night to beat the current total before the deadline?

We’re building the website right now, but if you’ve got any feedback or ideas, get in touch!

How do I create a league?

To create a league, go to the leagues page. From here you can view all the leagues you are currently participating in or you can create a new league via the 'Create a league' button.

How to league 1

Next, you will need to give your league a name. You can then choose what type of discipline you would like you league to be from running, walking or cycling.

Next you can choose whether you would like points to be awarded for the fastest time per round or the longest distance covered.

Finally, you can choose whether your league is public, so that anyone can join, or private so that only people with your unique link can join.

How to league 2

How do I create a round?

Now that you have a league you need to add some rounds. A round will have the time period you with to complete, whether a particular day, a week, a month or even a years.

If you have a "mileage" league then the journey ends here simply select your dates and click 'Create round' to finish the process.

However, if you selected "Fastest time" you now need to choose a segment via the 'Choose segment' button that you with to compete on.

How to round 1 dates

When you click to add a segment, a popup will appear showing a map of your area and the segments that are available near you. You can zoom out and find the segment that you would like to compete on.

How to round 2 segment

Next, select the lettered segment and click the 'Add this segment' button.

How to round 3 segment add

Your Strava segment will then be added to your round. This can be removed and a new segment can be added if you wish.

How to round 4 segment complete

Finally, click 'Create round' to finish the process.

How does the points system work?

When your round has finished, points are awarded to the participants based on their final position.

The top 15 participants will be awarded points. 25 points for the winner, 20 points for second place and 16 points for 3rd place.

A participants points will be added from each round to make up the final league table.

If two participants finish with the same time for a round, they will be awarded equal points.

How do I invite someone to my league?

Inviting someone to join your league is easy. Inside the menu dropdown on the leagues page there is an option to 'invite friends'.

Invite mob 1

When you have clicked this link, you will be presented with a unique link that you can send directly to your friend or post it on soicial media.

Invite mob 2

Whenever anyone clicks through from your unique link, they will be asked to confirm that they would like to join that league.

Invite mob 3

If that person has ridden a segment in your league within the specified timeframe, their time will be automatically used to figure out their league position.

If you need any help that isn't covered in the FAQs, please contact us.